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SciCast WSJ Coverage: U.S. Intelligence Community Explores More Rigorous Ways to Forecast Events

SciCast has been featured in a Wall Street Journal article about crowdsourced forecasting in the U.S. intelligence community. We’re excited to share that SciCast now has nearly 10,000 participants, a 50% increase in the last two months - an important achievement for a crowdsourced prediction site.


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SciCast Calls for Science, Technology Experts to Make Predictions



Lynda Baldwin – 708-703-8804;
[email protected] 

Candice Warltier – 312-587-3105;
[email protected]


SciCast Calls for Science, Technology Experts to Make Predictions 

Largest sci-tech crowdsourcing forecast site in search of professionals and enthusiasts to predict future events 

FAIRFAX, Va (June 19, 2014) – SciCast, a research project run by George Mason University, is the largest known science and technology-focused crowdsourced forecasting site. So what makes a crowdsourced prediction market more powerful? An even bigger crowd. SciCast is launching its first worldwide call for participants to join the existing 2,300 professionals and enthusiasts ranging from engineers to chemists, from agriculturists to IT specialists.

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Jacek Stopa, Chess International Master, Contributes Questions to SciCast

February 27, 2014Color_Logo
For Immediate Release





Chess-related questions are the latest addition to next-gen forecasting project

SciCast is pleased to welcome chess International Master Jacek Stopa to its growing community of science and technology thought leaders. Stopa has authored nine chess-related questions for SciCast, a crowdsourced forecasting platform for science and technology run by George Mason University.

Born in 1987 in Wroclaw, Poland, Stopa started playing chess at age eight. He has been an International Master since 2006 and a medalist at World and European Youth Championships. “I have been fascinated by the idea of forecasting for many years and being a contributor to SciCast gives me an excellent opportunity to interact with people who share this interest,” Stopa said. “I’m glad I can now combine it with chess, too.”

SciCast is based on the idea that the collective wisdom of an informed and diverse group is often a better predictor than the judgment of a single expert. Part of the Forecasting Science and Technology (ForeST) Program funded by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), SciCast questions are generated by its participants, like Stopa, as well as by other ForeST teams at Inkling Markets, BAE Systems and SRI International.

According to Dr. Jason Matheny, ForeST program manager at IARPA, “George Mason University has succeeded in launching the world’s largest forecasting tournament for science and technology. SciCast can help the public and private sectors to better understand a range of scientific and technological trends.”

Interested individuals or parties at least 18 years of age may register to participate in SciCast at http://www.SciCast.org, or can contact SciCast via email at [email protected].