SciCast Overview

C. Twardy, R. Hanson, K. Laskey, T. Levitt, B. Goldfedder, A. Siegel, B. D’Ambrosio, D. Maxwell “SciCast: Collective Forecasting of Innovation,” Collective Intelligence, 2014.

K. Laskey, R. Hanson, C. Twardy, W. Sun, S. Matsumoto. 2014. “SciCast_CIMAT_GTProb“. GTP2014, Fifth Workshop on Game Theoretic Probability. CIMAT, Guanajuato, 13-15 November.

SciCast engine

W. Sun, R. Hanson, K. B. Laskey, and C. Twardy (2012), “Probability and Asset Updating using Bayesian Networks for Combinatorial Prediction Markets,” in Proceedings of the 28th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI-2012), Catalina, CA.

W. Sun, R. Hanson, K. Laskey,“Learning Parameters by Prediction Markets and Kelly Rule for Graphical Models,” Big Data Meet Complex Models: AUAI Application Workshop, held at the Twenty-Ninth Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, Bellevue, WA. pp. 39-48, July 2013.

Sun, W., Laskey, K., Twardy, C., Hanson, R., Goldfedder, B. 2014. “Trade-based Asset Model using Dynamic Junction Tree for Combinatorial Prediction“. MIT Collective Intelligence Conference, Cambridge, June. [Poster]

The (Gnu GPL) production probability engine extends UnBBayes:

Matsumoto, Shou, Rommel N. Carvalho, Marcelo Ladeira, Paulo Costa, Laécio Santos, Danilo Silva, Michael Onishi, and Emerson Machado. UnBBayes: A Java Framework for Probabilistic Models in AI.

The (proprietary) experimental symbolic/anytime engine by Tuuyi, LLC is based on:

D’Ambrosio, B. Incremental Probabilistic Inference. Proc. Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, 1993, pp. 301-308.

SciCast JDM Papers

Olson, K. C., Twardy, C. R., Laskey, K., and Burgman, M. 2014. “Interval Elicitation of Forecasts in a Prediction Market Reveals Lack of Anchoring ‘Bias’“. MIT Collective Intelligence Conference, Cambridge, June. [Poster ]

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Frequently-cited papers on prediction markets

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“Prediction Markets at Google: A Guest Post - Freakonomics Blog -” [Online]. Available:

Logarithmic market scoring rule & combinatorial markets

R. Hanson, “Logarithmic Market Scoring Rules for Modular Combinatorial Information Aggregation,” J. Predict. Mark., Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 3-15. 2007.

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SciCast (formerly DAGGRE) blog posts explaining conditional edits

Twardy, Charles, “Why conditional edits?,”, 05-Nov-2012.

Twardy, Charles, “Combo Market Preview,”, 20-Aug-2012.

Twardy, Charles, “Leaderboard, Graph, and Ripple Effects,”, 09-Dec-2012.

Other work on combinatorial markets

Y. Chen, L. Fortnow, N. Lambert, D. M. Pennock, and J. Wortman, “Complexity of combinatorial market makers,” in Proceedings of the 9th ACM conference on Electronic Commerce, 2008, pp. 190–199.

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