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SciCast makes all of its (anonymized) data available for researchers to analyze, and encourages you to publish your results and to discuss them here on the SciCast blog.  Data includes all trading and comment activity, as well as question data (description, dates, and final resolutions) and publicly viewable user data.  In short, if you could see it when logged in to SciCast, or get it from the datamart, it's available in this archive.  Data includes all trades from initial launch 31-NOV-2013 through official shutdown 12-JUN-2015.

We are happy to collaborate, but do not require it.  However, we would appreciate if you cite at least our Collective Intelligence 2014 paper and/or our International Journal of Forecasting 2015 paper (if it gets published -- under review now).

Please click "Download Data"  below and provide your name and a valid email in the popup, and we will send you a link to download the data.


Charles Twardy and the SciCast team

SciCast Sanitized Data as of 2015-06-12