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Help Our Research Efforts and Be Entered to Win an Amazon Gift Card

Please give us a hand with our research and take a moment to complete the latest surveys. On April 10, to thank you for your help, we’ll be conducting random drawings for $1,000 total in Amazon Gift Cards. You earn one ticket for each of these five surveys completed sensibly. Previous completions count. We will not ask for any personally identifying information and we strictly follow human subjects in research protocols.

Surveys we’d like you to complete are available in your dashboard.

They are:

  • Quantitative Analysis (NEW)
  • Demographic Information
  • Professional Information
  • Motivation and Thinking Style
  • Knowledge and Reasoning



Incentives Research (Part 1 of 5)

Because SciCast strives for continual improvement and also needs even more participants and forecasts than in previous years, we have been exploring the effectiveness of incentives, particularly monetary incentives, for increasing the quality of participation in a prediction market.  This post is the first of a five-part series to summarize the first two incentives studies as we start a third.  (Parts of this series of posts are based on previous technical reports unavailable to the public.)  This first post lays out the goals, hypotheses, and background of the incentives studies.  If you’ve been participating in SciCast for a while, you might better understand some of your own experiences after reading this. Continue reading