Join SciCast for a Reddit Science AMA and an ACS webinar this week!

Have you ever wondered what will be the next ‘big thing’ in technology?  What if you could garner collective wisdom from your peers - those who are interested in the same topics as you – with global reach?

Don’t miss two unique opportunities to learn more about how you can do this on SciCast (, the largest known science and technology-focused crowdsourced forecasting site.

SciCast will be the featured topic in a Reddit Science AMA and an American Chemistry Society webinar this week!  Don’t miss these opportunities to share your SciCast expertise and weigh in on the discussion. We also encourage you to share the information with your friends and colleagues.


Join Drs. Robin Hanson and Charles Twardy from SciCast as they delve into the prediction site on August 20 at 11 a.m. ET.  We encourage you to join the conversation and comment on any responses to questions. To participate, be sure to login on Reddit at:


Forecasting Chemistry: Predicting Tomorrow’s Cutting Edge Science, Today, an ACS webinar on Thursday, August 21 at 2 p.m. EST.  Join Dr. Twardy as he demonstrates SciCast and discusses the forecasting sites implications for the future. A Q&A will be held immediately following the presentation. Please register for the webinar.



One thought on “Join SciCast for a Reddit Science AMA and an ACS webinar this week!

  1. ctwardy

    Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Reddit and Webinar. We saw about 60 extra registrations during those two days, and hope those who did will be active. Activity Thursday increased relative to Tue and Fri. That’s less than the previous Thursday, but then the previous Thursday still offered Amazon gift cards, which are on vacation now.

    Day, Date, #trades, #traders
    Sun, 08-24, 185, 29
    Sat, 08-23, 121, 27
    Fri, 08-22, 215, 40
    THU, 08-21, 371, 63 *ACS Webinar*
    WED, 08-20, 222, 42 *ACS Reddit*
    Tue, 08-19, 210, 27
    Mon, 08-18, 338, 28 *?*

    Thu, 08-14, 392, 38
    Wed, 08-13, 497, 35


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