College Bowl Leaderboards June 10


Here are this week’s scores for the individuals with highest points. Scores are the actual gains on College Bowl questions that have already closed during the contest. Updated 6/10/14 at noon EDT.


User Name Score Team
sflicht 1764 Harvard University
ctwardy * 1203 George Mason University
dvasya 854 George Mason University
ted 528 Stanford University
jkominek 438 University of Colorado
Geoff 287 Oregon State University
Question Mark * 254 Duke University
yuan10 189 University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
HAL9000 115 University of California Berkeley
Beth81 111 George Mason University
MerrySeeker 109 California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)
arjunr 86 University of Pennsylvania
MemberFDIC 63 George Mason University
witless 51 Stanford University
scotchval 49 Duke University
iconreforged 39 Duke University
peaigr 33 Stanford University
mollyb 27 George Mason University
Rylinks 24 Oregon State University
saurabh_02 22 Texas A&M University

*Not eligible to win.

Team Leaderboard

NOTE: Here are the top 20 Colleges represented in the College Bowl. So far, none have reached 50 participants. Don’t wait! Recruit some teammates today and win BIG! Reach out to your alumni groups and personal networks.

George Mason University
Duke University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)
University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
Florida State University
Marquette University
Stanford University
University of California, Berkeley
Yale University
Dartmouth College
Michigan State University
Northwestern University
Oregon State University
University of California Berkeley
University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania
University of Wisconsin
Virginia Tech
Arizona State University

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2 thoughts on “College Bowl Leaderboards June 10

  1. Ted Sanders

    I’ve told friends in person, I’ve posted a Facebook status to thousands. Most people just don’t care. My friends are not motivated to enter contests they know little about (and contests where the odds of winning look low).


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