College Bowl Leaderboard


Here are this week’s scores for the individuals with highest points. Scores are the actual gains on College Bowl questions that have already closed during the contest. Updated 5/21/14 at noon EDT.

Team Leaderboard is coming soon.

User ID Points Team
sflicht 1240 Harvard University
ctwardy* 1184 George Mason University
Question Mark* 248 Duke University
jkominek 118 University of Colorado
MerrySeeker 71 California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)
HAL9000 68 University of California Berkeley
rrich 54 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
saurabh_02 42 Texas A&M University
2493c162162b15c8 25 Northwestern University
iconreforged 8 Duke University

*Not eligible to win.

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5 thoughts on “College Bowl Leaderboard

  1. Ted Sanders

    Question: What fraction of CollegeBowl questions relate to the biology growth race thing? It seems like that one day of quick information dispersal is going to be a huge fraction of the college bowl points scored over the whole month.

    Time to make some high-risk non-informational market-distorting truth-hiding bets to catch up to sflicht. :)

    1. ctwardy

      There were 23 question for the Dicty World races, so it was fairly high. The trick was finding questions that were engaging and paid off during the contest. This one didn’t get much activity — small overlap between topic experts and forecasters, plus race delays meant the main event didn’t start until 5pm (ET) on a Friday. For some reason most people didn’t hang around to watch amoebas race.


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