SciCast/ACS Webinar - Forecasting Chemistry: Predicting Tomorrow’s Cutting Edge Science, Today

Last month, SciCast joined ACS for a webinar, Forecasting Chemistry: Predicting Tomorrow’s Cutting Edge Science, Today.

ACS Webinar

What will the world of chemistry look like in 15 years? SciCast may find the answer.

SciCast is based on the idea that the collective wisdom of an informed and diverse group is often more accurate at forecasting the outcome of events than that of one individual expert. Dr. Charles Twardy, professor at George Mason University and the SciCast Principal Investigator, discussed how this crowd sourced forecasting platform is being currently used and its exciting implications on the future.  Twardy and Ted Sanders — one of SciCast’s leading forecasters — discussed several chemistry-related forecasts currently available on SciCast.

Resource links:

Learn more.
Download the slides.
ACS members (ACS username and password required) may download the recording.


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