SciCast is a new way to make crowdsourced science and technology predictions with your peers from around the world.

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More about the SciCast Project

SciCast is part of a research program funded by the U.S. Government about how to make better forecasts. Our contribution has been to develop a technologically advanced type of prediction market that is able to intelligently correlate predictions and have them influence each other.

Prediction markets are a way to understand the probability of an event occurring, using the forecasts of many participants. For the past two years, thousands of people have participated in our prediction market to make forecasts about geopolitical events.

This year, we'll be turning our attention to science and technology and hope to attract an even larger group of participants.

By participating, you'll join a community of people being recruited from professional societies, universities, online groups, and corporations from around the world. You'll also be the first to view forecasts for a range of scientific and technological breakthroughs.

In addition to making forecasts alongside your peers, we're also recruiting individuals to join an exclusive working group that will decide what questions are asked on the site.

Drop us a line if you would like to be considered for this group, and tell us what topics you're interested in generating questions about.

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