SciCast is on vacation.

(hopefully not a permanent one)

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What's Next?

Although the funding for our research is complete, many of us are continuing to enhance SciCast and work on other projects that use the SciCast technology. We are currently focusing on work with the Department of Energy and commercial vendors in cybersecurity.

About SciCast

SciCast is a research project run by George Mason University and sponsored by IARPA to forecast the outcomes of key issues in science and technology. SciCast is based on the idea that the collective wisdom of an informed and diverse group is often more accurate at forecasting the outcome of events than that of one individual expert.

Unlike other forecasting sites, SciCast can create relationships between forecast questions that may have an influence on each other. For example, we may publish one question about the volume of Arctic sea ice, and another about sea surface temperature. Forecasters can later link the two questions together, and make their forecasts for ice volume depend on sea temperature. Once they are correlated, SciCast will instantly adjust ice forecasts whenever the temperature forecast changes!

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Contact Us

If you would like access to research data or would like to chat about using SciCast in some way, please contact us.


SciCast Team

We were fortunate to work with an excellent team.

  • Charles Twardy, Project Principal
    Research Professor, GMU
  • Kathryn Laskey, Project Principal
    Professor, GMU
  • Robin Hanson, Project Principal
    Professor, GMU
  • Tod Levitt, Project Manager
    Professor, GMU
  • Gold Brand Software, LLC
  • Inkling
    UX Design, Question Management, Recruiting, Community Management
  • KadSci, LLC
    Relationship Development
  • Tuuyi, Inc
    Recommender Engine

Our Partners

Thank you to our partners who encouraged their members to participate in SciCast and helped us author forecasting questions:

  • AAAS
  • IEEE
  • Mercatus at GMU
  • ACS
  • AMIA
  • TechCast Global