AAAS is partnering with George Mason University on SciCast, an innovative research project to develop an online crowdsourced forecasting tool focused exclusively on science and technology.
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How SciCast Works

  1. Look for forecasting questions you think you know something about
  2. Make a forecast
  3. Watch the probabilities change based on other people's opinions
  4. Change your opinion at any time based on new information available
  5. See if you (and the crowd) were right

There are 3 ways to participate in SciCast:

Join Scientists, engineers and technologists from around the world in the largest collaborative science and technology forecasting effort, ever. Make real-time predictions on future innovations and significant events in a diverse array of topics like nanotechnology, climate change, 3-D printing, and synthetic biology.

Topic leaders play an integral roles helping to steer the questions published on SciCast. They identify and conceptualize questions that assist in identifying cutting edge science and technology that will alter the science and policy landscape. To volunteer as a topic leader, please send your CV or biography and interested topic area(s).

Read more about being a topic leader.

Have a question you'd like scientists from around the world to make a forecast about? Using our collaborative tool SciCast Spark you can author a question and submit it to be published on SciCast.

Learn more in the question authoring guide

Within AAAS, this project is sponsored by the Center for Science, Technology, and Security Policy (CSTSP), which draws on the natural, social, engineering, and mathematical sciences to address national and international security issues.

Benefits of Participating

  • Access to valuable SciCast data and analytics
  • Ability to ask the SciCastglobal community to predict developments in your research area
  • Network with colleagues in the topic area of greatest interest to you.

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